Exam’s over & Hi new blog!

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I can finally start my new blog now that exam’s over! So yay!

I used to blog when I was 12(or 11.. I can’t really remember) but it was.. Let’s just say that it was not a blog that you’d like to read because it’ll make you cringe to death. Ok, no. I was exaggerating. Anyway, it was very embarrassing so I decided to delete it. But heyyyy look, I’m back to blogging! (I’m not even sure why & how long this blog will last ha ha but let’s just give it a try. My exam is over anyway.)

Omggg speaking about exam.. HOW CAN SOMEONE WRITE A VERY LONG ESSAY IN 1 HOUR?! I need at least 1 and a half hour for that. So imagine how panicked I was just now when they announced that we only had 5 minutes left and my multiple choice questions (MCQ) were not even halfway done! I literally just shaded the answers on the answer sheet without even reading the questions. *sigh* Let’s just hope that most of the answers that I tembak were the correct ones. IT. WAS. A. TOTAL. DISASTER. I. TELL. YOU. A  V E R Y  T E R I B B L E  D I S A S T E R.

But I am soooooo glad that everything is over now and the best thing is… I am going to have five days off! Yayyyy! Okay no, it’s not that exciting actually.  I mean, it’s just that the 5 days off is more like the calm before the storm because I am pretty sure that my results are going to be out by next week and I am so not looking forward to it *cry*

Haha, this is not a very positive post for a fresh start huh? Let’s just hope I’ll have more positive things to write about in the future.



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