AD is going crazyyyyyyyy

“AD? Who’s AD?”

(Right. Let me introduce you to AD, my laptop. You know when you just bought a new laptop, & the first time you turn it on they have this welcome message, then you’re required to setup your laptop and give it a name? Yeah, I named my laptop AD. )

I started this blog last September and this is only my second post… *Krik* *Krik* Ha. So much for starting a “new” blog. But guyssssss, you cannot put all of the blame on me. I mean, look at the picture above! My laptop went mad. I think it’s a sign.. to tell me to stop using my laptop (and procrastinating).

Anyway, I had my laptop fixed & yeah, I guess I can re-start my blog again? Haha *laugh awkwardly* I actually already have a list of what to write, (Bangsawan, Penang trip, Netball friendly match) but I have to cut some off the list (hectic October) because you can say that the story has expired 😦 I have this habit of not finishing my post. Like, I have a really long list of drafted posts, but mostly are halfway done, and by the time I want to actually finish it, it was already 2 or 3 months since that incident happen. So the story does not feel interesting anymore. Do you get me? 😦

Adriana ❤


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