Starting a new life in a new place

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I’ve noticed that my traffics for my Kyuem post has been pretty high lately. I guess some of you have just received an offer to study here, congratulations! And to my lovely friends who are still struggling with A Levels, don’t give up guys! We only have a few papers left, do your very best! *Yang dah balik tu duk diam diam kat rumah ye, jumpa nanti masa graduation* Continue reading “Starting a new life in a new place”


Arghhh I feel so guilty!! I really want to blog but so far I only have 4 posts & this blog had existed for almost 8 months. Here’s a little update: I’ve been very busy with exams (it’s my final one! It’s a now or never kinda thing because I need to get 3As in order to fly!) I’ll try to write more once I’m done with everything (I have sooooo many unfinished drafts that’s waiting to be published).