2 years in KYUEM

I have written a post about KYUEM, explaining what and where it is. Now let me tell you about my experience there (It’s not like it’s important but I’m just gonna tell you anyway)

Induction week

I entered KY in August 2015. I was from a daily school, SM All Saints, so it was my first time being away from home and staying in a residential school.

The first week I was in KY,  I felt like I was living in hell. After the registration, we got to rest for a bit and then the Muslims were required to solat Maghrib together at the Musolla. Right after we finished our solat, I suddenly heard shouts from the great hall, telling us to be fast and to run.I was like “Wth? Orang baru habis solat. Chill”

Little did I know that the shoutings of our seniors marked the start of our induction week. A week of living like a zombie… because honestly, induction week was sooooo tiring. Our day started as early as 7am, and ended around 10pm for one whole week. I don’t think I’ve ever been that tired before.

And during the whole week, all I heard from the seniors was “Samurai!!!!!”. They kept on yelling at us, telling us we’re gonna get samurai-ed if we don’t complete the samurai form by the end of the week. No words could describe how scared I was to be samurai-ed. So I tried my best to complete the form, and I did. But… I still get samurai-ed Lol. You must be wondering what Samurai is… Too bad, I can’t tell you what it is. I’m sorry. I don’t want to spoil it for our new juniors. *evil smile*

No doubt, it was hell but I still think it was one of the best induction weeks I’ve ever had. There’s a twist to it. Eh? *wink*

Okay, enough of induction week. It took me almost 2 months to get used to the surroundings and getting over my homesickness. I missed my family so much and living in a jungle didn’t really make the situation any better.

My days in KY started to become better when Bangsawan happens. Bangsawan is one of the biggest events in KY. A really big event which needs months of preparations. I’ll write another post about this because it’s a very special event for me. It’s an event where I discovered my true potential and polished my skills. I also gained and lost some friends because of it.

Outfits to prepare

Anyway, none of the blogs I read told me I had to prepare lots of outfits because oh my gosh, KY has so many festivals (Read: DELICIOUS FOOD). We have CP night, Hari Raya celebration, Arabian night, end of sem dinner, mooncake festival, Japanese club festival, Deepavali celebration, CNY celebration, Christmas celebration… I think there we have more but let’s just stop there. Prospective students, you can start preparing your outfits for all of the events now. You can thank me later.

Besides festivals, we also have other events such broadway night, health awareness week and sports carnival. I thought I was totally done with sports right after I graduated from high school but meh… I was totally wrong. Sports enthusiasts, these events are just for you.

Life lessons

Honestly, I couldn’t really move on from KY because there are lots of things that I regret not doing. I keep on wondering how things would turn out if I had acted differently or made a different decision.

During my 2 years in KY, I did not let myself fully enjoy the college experience, I was afraid to try new things, I didn’t take my studies seriously (I could’ve done better) and I did not open up myself to people. I became an introvert in KY. I became a completely different person from who I was back in high school.

Back then, I’ve always been the one to lead (not to brag… Read on, you’ll see what I’m tryna say), I wasn’t afraid to take any risks and I always tried my best… but in KY, I realised that I’ve been in my comfort zone for too long that once I’m finally out of it, I became scared. You see, KY is full of leaders. Almost everyone I knew was a head prefect or a student council president. So I felt intimidated. I felt like I wasn’t as good as the others, which made me stop trying. I was scared to join activities (I still joined some, but I wasn’t as active I was before), I didn’t really go to events and I was afraid to voice out my opinions… even in class.

And you know what? I missed out a lot because of that.

And during the first 3 semesters, I was quite a housist (is that even a word? I hope you get what I mean) so I didn’t really hang out with people from other houses. I only hang out with my group of friends. I didn’t feel like opening up to others and preferred to only be around those I felt comfortable with. It was actually a mistake because when you only stick to a group and you suddenly lose them, you’ll have no one left. It took a horrible experience to teach me that. By the time I actually opened up myself and started mingling around, it was almost too late as it was already semester four. How I wish I had done it earlier.

As for my studies… My experience from other students might be different as every subject has a different level of difficulty and every lecturer has their own ways of teaching. But my lecturers expected us to be fully prepared for the class. I took economics, psychology and mathematics. I never learned psychology and economics before, so there were a few jargons that got me confused sometimes. You can ask if you don’t understand, of course. But being in KY, where it is full of smart students, I was always reluctant to raise my hand to ask any questions. WRONG MOVE. Seriously. That was a big mistake.

You see, my lecturers didn’t really teach us everything from the basic as they expected us to at least read that by ourselves. After all, that’s what every bright student always do, right? Unfortunately, I used to be spoonfed during SPM, so it was something unfamiliar to me. I didn’t do any light reading before the class started which caused a really negative impact on my studies. Not understanding anything taught in the first few classes and only trying to catch up three weeks later wasn’t really a good idea. Don’t repeat my mistake. If you really want to excel at A levels, do it from the very beginning!

So to all the students who are going to KY soon (actually… to all students who are going to start your new life somewhere unfamiliar & far from home) learn from my mistakes, don’t repeat any of it or you’ll miss out a lot.

Don’t feel intimidated. Who knows, the other kids actually feel the same thing too. Open up, be brave, speak up and remember, your studies are important but don’t study 24/7.

I didn’t make the best out of my 2 years there but still… there are a lot of things that I am thankful for. I was only in KY for a while, but I learned a lot of things and I get to know lots of amazing people. I got to act as a princess in Bangsawan, I was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in the Wiltshire Exchange Programme, and I had a few friends who were always there when I needed them.

And for that, I will always be grateful.

Adriana ❤


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