Drama Queen

If you read my last post then you should know that I went to see a specialist because I have lumps on my right underarm and above my right breast. Alhamdulillah the result of the ultrasound showed the lump on my right breast had shrunk. However, the doctor said I still have to go for a surgery to remove the lump on my underarm because it might multiply or get bigger. The surgery was supposed to be today but…

Before the surgery, she checked my right underarm to mark the surgical site. Surprisingly, the lump was nowhere to be found. It’s gone. The lump is gone, guys. The size of the lump had never changed for two months and it had always been at the same spot but Alhamdulillah it’s finally gone.

I wanted to jump out of joy when I heard that because honestly, I was so scared to go under the knife. If the surgery wasn’t cancelled just now, I think I would have passed out once we enter the OT and they even might not have to give me the anaesthesia. Hahahahahaha I know I know, I overreacted. Such a drama queen, I even thought of writing goodbye letters to my loved ones because I thought I was going to die soon.

Speaking of a drama queen, last month, a few days before my graduation I went back and forth from KY to KL because I wanted to spend time with my family since they were in KL at that time. Why didn’t I just stay with them you ask? Oh, just for fun. I like troubling myself going back and forth, wasting my time on the road. 

Lol, NO. Who does that? I actually had two days of rehearsals which were compulsory for the graduating students to attend or else they won’t allow us to go on stage on the graduation day. So… yeah.

Anyway, my rehearsal ended around 12 pm. So after that, I completed my leave form, packed my things, and called the taxi around 2:20 pm. I had to catch a train which was departing around 3:03 pm. It was 2:40 pm and the taxi was nowhere to be seen. Where are you, woman? I’m gonna be lateeeeee!, I mumbled to myself. 5 minutes later, she finally arrived. I hopped into the car and told her that I had to be at Tanjung Malim KTM Station by 3 pm. We only had 15 minutes left. I prayed so hard that we’d arrive on time.

Unfortunately, her car was an old Proton Saga so the max she speeds she could reach was around 100km/h like that… on a highway… Can you imagine how anxious I was during the whole car ride? I kept on glancing at her speedometer every now and then.

“Omg please be fast makcik, I need to be there by 3 pm.”

“Umm… Do you need help with the pedal? I can help put more pressure on it, you know, so that this car can move faster.”

“I’m not gonna make it. I’m seriously not gonna make it.”

But of course, I didn’t say any of them out loud. I didn’t want to offend her but I really needed her to be fast. The only thing I could do was, faked a smile while asking her

“Usually KY ke Tanjung Malim berapa lama eh? Sempat ke ni makcik?”, I don’t always go to Tanjung Malim, so I don’t remember how long it usually takes to get there.

“Selalunya, 15 ke 20 minit je. Sempat, insyaAllah.”

Oh, 15 to 20 minutes. 15 minutes je la please. There’s still hope. I thought to myself. Just when I saw the light of hope, the traffic jam in front of the toll killed it. What even?! Why now?!

As we entered the gate of KTM station, I saw the train departing… Right in front of my eyes, guys! Right in front of my eyes! I had to wait for another one and a half hour for the next train, DO YOU FEEL MY PAIN?! I’m sorry for screaming in your head. Anyway, I didn’t want my parents to wait for me so I quickly called them and said I was gonna be late because I missed my train by a few seconds. I felt like crying. My mum asked if I wanted them to go there and fetch me but I already bought the ticket. Besides, the journey from KL to Tanjung Malim will take about one and a half hour. By the time they arrive, the train will already be there, so I said I’ll just wait for the next train.

Then I called a really close friend of mine and bawled my eyes out. Literally. For an hour. The waiting area was empty because duhhh, the train just left with all of the passengers. So there were just me, and a few people who just came. I cried so much, I think people thought I was hurting. I’ve never missed a public transport before so, it felt like… I don’t know how to describe it, really. Jap, Let me try it again. It felt like being lost in a mall when you were a kid and you thought you’re never gonna see your parents again. Yeah, sort of like that. I felt completely lost, like someone without arah tujuan and there was no hope anymore… and I didn’t know what to do there for one and a half hour. There I go, overreacting again. That poor friend of mine had to listen to me whining for an hour over a small matter.

I never knew crying can be so tiring that I fell asleep on the train from crying a lot. I lost track of the time and woke up about 10 minutes before my stop. Whew, thank goodness I didn’t miss it.

Adriana ❤


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