Arghhh I feel so guilty!! I really want to blog but so far I only have 4 posts & this blog had existed for almost 8 months. Here’s a little update: I’ve been very busy with exams (it’s my final one! It’s a now or never kinda thing because I need to get 3As in order to fly!) I’ll try to write more once I’m done with everything (I have sooooo many unfinished drafts that’s waiting to be published). 


AD is going crazyyyyyyyy

“AD? Who’s AD?”

(Right. Let me introduce you to AD, my laptop. You know when you just bought a new laptop, & the first time you turn it on they have this welcome message, then you’re required to setup your laptop and give it a name? Yeah, I named my laptop AD. )

I started this blog last September and this is only my second post… *Krik* *Krik* Ha. So much for starting a “new” blog. But guyssssss, you cannot put all of the blame on me. I mean, look at the picture above! My laptop went mad. I think it’s a sign.. to tell me to stop using my laptop (and procrastinating). Continue reading “AD is going crazyyyyyyyy”