I just got back from KK on the 31st of January from a week of CNY break but exactly one week after that I had another long weekend (4 days of break). Initially I wanted to go back to KK .. again.. (if you reacted like this —-> “What? Again? You were just in KK a week ago!”, you’re not the only one) but the price of the flight tickets told me nahh, it’s not worth it. There’s so much more I can do or buy with that money, and so I did. I used the money to go to Penang instead. I’ve never been there yet and I heard Penang is one of Malaysia’s food heaven, so why not?

Ice Kepal (my fav)

The first day in Penang was a chaos because we had some problems with the accommodation. Lesson learned. Never ever book a room in a homestay that clearly states the room is only for 3 people when there’s actually a total of 5 of you. It’s a homestay, so it’s small and obviously the owner would know how many people are staying in the room. We were not supposed to bring 5 people anyway. So yeah, our fault. We wanted to minimise our budget but ended up going over the planned budget because we had to cancel our initially booked room and find a new room. It was a public holiday, so most rooms were either fully booked or too expensive. We almost gave up and thought of just going back to Shah Alam on that very same day (In my mind I was already scolding myself for not going back to KK!)

I’m glad we didn’t give up tho. If not, I wouldn’t have the chance to eat Nasi Kandar, Pasembur, Ice Kepal, Roti goyang, and Roti banjir since I’m gonna be busy with trials, A levels, preparation for uni and visa application after this. Then InsyaAllah, I’ll be flying to the UK in September, so I don’t think I have the time to go to Penang again. Definitely not anytime soon.

Nasi Kandar (Really need to brush up my flat lay skill)

I was actually sad and kinda mad because my spending for that trip was almost the same as the price of the flight tickets to KK but it was too late, I’ve spent all of the money. It’s not like I can get it back, and I was already there anyway. So I tried to enjoy the trip to the fullest. I turned things around, and let go of the negative vibes. Thank goodness Rifqah was there with me.

So on the last two days we were in Penang, both of us pretended to live our life as vloggers. We documented our trip, recorded videos and took lots of photos, posted stories on Instagram (in Rifqah’s instagram, I don’t usually post stories in mine) and we even did live videos of us merepek-ing (We had audiences, surprisingly hahaha)! The trip started to feel a lot more fun once we decided to focus on the positive side and ignore all the negativity. So guys, when you feel like you’re not enjoying your holiday trip, I suggest you to try shifting your focus towards the positive things. It’s hard, you’d want to rant and complain about whatever it is that’s annoying you, but you wouldn’t want to spend the rest of the trip being upset, do you?

A L W A Y S bring your sunglasses with you, just in case you want to take selfies under the hot blazing sun like we did. Bad idea.

Out of all of the activities we did in Penang, there was one thing that I’m very sure I never want to experience ever again.. being Rifqah’s passenger (Except in KK)! Nope. No, thank you. Basically, this was what happened..  “PIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT” (cars honking), “OMG APA TU?!”, “PIIIIIIIITTTTT”, “SHUT UP!”, “DENA MANA NI?!”, “AHHHHHHHH”.. Excuse me?! I am not from Penang Rifqah Sait, I don’t know! If only I had a paper and a pen marker at that time, I would’ve wrote Save me! Get me out of the car! Help!” , then hold it near the window while waving and hoping that someone will notice this damsel in distress. Now, don’t get me wrong, she can drive, but not in unfamiliar places, especially during peak hours.

Anyway, my tummy wasn’t the only thing that was full during those 3 days in Penang, my phone memory storage too! Our trip was packed with food hunting and (so called) photo shooting. I was really shocked to see 600++ photos and 30++ videos when I checked my photo gallery after the trip. (That’s what happened when you travel with your best friend who’s a perfectionist in taking photos, especially her ootd photos.)

“Behind a nice photo is a good photographer, hehe” Us in action. We probably took at least 50 (so called) candid photos here.
Yes, Rifqah was riding a tricycle hahaha
At the top of Penang Hill. What a breathtaking view.
One of the famous street arts in Penang and a painting of a boy riding a motorcycle hehe

It was fun and all, but I’d definitely plan my trips properly a few months ahead, next time! No more last minute trips!

Oh well, life always has its ways to teach us lessons.

Adriana ❤


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